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NSMVA awards a wide range of creative and artistic professions in its competition categories


Best Music Video

The most prestigious award from expert jury for a music video, appreciating the quality and interplay of all creative components.



Best Director

Award for music video with an unprecedented directing approach. Award for the director of the video clip.



Best Cinematography

Award for the best cameraman for his creativity and skills in composition, shooting and working with light.



Best Video Editing 

Award for the best editing, a feeling for telling a picture, etc.



Best Actor

Award for the best acting performance in a music video.



Best Experimental 

Award for creative or innovative approach in clip processing. Award for creative concept creators.

Best Low-budget

Award for the best video clip of the year with a budget of up to 1000 €.



Shock of the Year 

Award for the music video with the scent of mystery, a touch of bizarreness or unconventional in its concept or design. Award for the producer or director of the film.

Hall of Fame

Award for the best music video clip of previous years (1950 - 1999)

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