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Commitee 2021


Martin Müller


Director of music videos, documentaries and commercials. Together with David Laňka they directed the thriller Listen. Among his rich music videos list, let us mention, for example, Křídla z mýdla for the band Kryštof, he also collaborated with the bands Nebe, Tatabojs and Hodiny. He appreciates in the videos that "it is necessary to be able to tell a story in a nutshell and one image can tell more than the whole film".


David Laňka


As a screenwriter and director, he is signed to the documentary series Chances for Children, the feature film Listen or the television series Stars Overhead. He is also behind the music videos for František Segrado or Danyl Johnson. In the music videos he "enjoys offering space for imagination and fantasy."


Timm Lange


One of the most interesting young German cameramen, who assisted world leaders such as Michael Ballhaus (The Departed) and Rodrigo Prieto (Wall Street 2). In his work, he focuses on both fiction and commercials.


Václav Tlapák

He is one of the most interesting Czech cinematographers, who profiles himself both in fiction and in documentary and clip work. His filmography includes the successful films Tomorrow forever, Fairy Tales for Emu and Life is Life, and the television series Mazal and Innocent Lies. In London, he won an award for the thriller Listen. His latest works are The Cakes and the Minute of Eternity.


Jan Moravec

Cinematographer and director

Founder of the film rental company "Los Rentalos", but mainly a cinematographer and director of music videos and spots. He has created clips for Rytmus, PSH, Marek Ztracený, Mariana Prachařová, Paulie Garand, Maniak or I am Rosie. He is a co-founder of the VideoFest festival.

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